Quartz 1.5.1 Release Notes

This release contains fixes to a few issues discovered in the 1.5.0 release, and a couple bonus features thrown in to make up for the trouble.

If you haven't already moved to 1.5.0, be sure to read the Quartz 1.5.0 release notes, as there were many significant changes in that release.

See the changelog below for complete details of this release.

Most Significant of New Features

  • Custom ConnectionProviders. Custom providers of JDBC connections can now be configured in the quartz.properties file. The new (optional) property name is 'org.quartz.dataSource.myDS.connectionProvider.class' (where 'myDS' is the name of the dataSource you are configuring).
  • Custom InstanceIdGenerators. Custom scheduler instance Ids can now be configured in the quartz.properties file. The new (optional) property name is 'org.quartz.scheduler.instanceIdGenerator.class'.

Key Changes

Core API changes

Migration Notes

Necessary Code Changes

Version Description Old Code New Code
1.4.x no changes necessary    
1.5.0 no changes necessary    

Necessary Database Changes (if using JDBC-JobStore)

Version Description update command(s)
1.4.x Add Blob column for JobDataMap to QRTZ_TRIGGERS table. This example update SQL is for Oracle. Make sure you use the appropriate data type for your database, which can be found in the tables_xxx.sql file for your db. You should leave the value of this new column NULL for existing rows. alter table QRTZ_TRIGGERS add JOB_DATA BLOB
1.5.0 no changes necessary    


OpenSymphony JIRA (12 issues)
T Key Summary
Bug QUARTZ-273 start-scheduler-on-load doesn't work as expected in QuartzInitializerServlet
Bug QUARTZ-269 useProperties=true and recoverable JobDetails don't work together, leaves DB in non-recoverable(?) state
New Feature QUARTZ-268 Initialize Quartz Scheduler via ServletContextListener
Bug QUARTZ-265 Problem with JDDBJobStore+MS SQLServer+quartz-1.5.0
New Feature QUARTZ-264 Add Weekly interval type to NthIncludedDayTrigger
Bug QUARTZ-263 Minor (but important) bug in NthIncludedDayTrigger
Bug QUARTZ-260 InitialContext not being closed, potential resource leak
Bug QUARTZ-257 NativeJob.java does not handle stdout and stderr from spawned process
Improvement QUARTZ-256 Support custom instance id generators
Bug QUARTZ-255 Quartz 1.5 ant build errors
Bug QUARTZ-253 Bugs with RMI in 1.5.0 release
New Feature QUARTZ-115 support to use custom ConnectionProvider implementation